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Welcome to the GHTMM official website. 
2015 Global Hospitality, Tourism Marketing & Management Conference

27th -29th  June 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

Aiming to gather professors, researchers, scholars and industrial CEOs all over the world, GHTMM is the premier forum for the presentation and exchange of past experiences and new advances and research results in the field of theoretical and industrial experience. The conference welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between educators and researchers all over the world. 

Important Dates

Abstract/Full Paper Deadline


Acceptance Notification


Registration Deadline


Conference Date


Publication Opportunity

Accepted and presented papers at the conference will be published by the GHTMM in the official CD of proceedings and a selection of papers will be considered for inclusion in the internationally reviewed Journals.

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Call for Papers

Papers may address one or more of the listed as well as unlisted but related sub-topics.


·          Buyer Behavior and Customer Relation Management

·      Marketing Strategy and Communications

·      Competitive Advantage of marketing Management

·      Pricing and Branding Management

 New Product, Promotion and Service Marketing

Tourism and Hospitality Management

·         Hospitality Management

·      Tourism Management, Policy and Development

·      Lifestyle Services and Responses Tourism

·      Cultural Impacts of Tourism

  Best Practices of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing


·          Organizational Behavior, Development & Change

·       Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Management

·       Environmental Management

  Global Innovation & Related Strategies

  Human Resources Management


·          Service quality and consumer satisfaction

·       Motivation, job satisfaction and employees service orientation in hospitality

·       Sustainable development (use of green technologies, social responsibility)

·       Contemporary trends in building and equipping hotels

·        Hotels and restaurants energy solutions

Motivation, behavior and HR in tourism

·             Motivation and human resources in tourism&, lt;, /P>

·         Behavior of tourists

·         Travel motivation and preferences

·         Decision making process

Tourism Policy and regional development

·              Tourism Policy and Planning

·         Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism

·         Monitoring and Management of Tourism Development

·         EU Policy and Tourism

·         Tourism and Globalization


·             ICT in tourism

·         E-Strategy and e-Business models

, ·        Internet marketing

·         Smart phone utilization

·         Mobile services

·         Website design and evaluation

·         Advanced distribution systems


·             Destination image and branding

·         Destination competitiveness

Education in tourism and teaching

·             Educational aspects in tourism

·        A review of innovation research in tourism

·        Innovation patterns in sustainable tourism

·        Tourism training and education

Hunting tourism

·            Hunting tourism trends

·        Hunting cytology

·        Breeding and protection of game

Publication Opportunities

Accepted and presented papers at the conference will be published by the ISEANS in the official CD of proceedings and may be considered for inclusion in the journals in cooperation with the ISEANS, which include:

1. Inter science Management (IMR) (ISSN:2231-1513)

2. VSRD International Journal of Business & Management Research (ISSN 2231-248x, online) 

3. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (ISSN:1755-4217)

General Information on Presentation

Presentations and Equipment
All meeting rooms are equipped with a screen, an LCD projector, and a laptop computer installed with PowerPoint software.  You will be able to insert your USB flash drive into the computer.  We recommend that you bring two copies of your presentation in case if one fails.  You may also link your own laptop computer to the projector cable, however if you use your own Mac please ensure you have the requisite connector. 

A Polite Request to All Participants 
Participants are obliged to arrive on time for all sessions, whether to their own, or to those of other presenters.  Presenters should pay special attention to the time slots that are subject to be divided equally among all oral presentations in one session to ensure that each presenter has equal right to presentation.  The session chair is responsible for taking care of the fair division of presentation time. 

Poster Sessions & Poster Requirements
1. Materials Provided by the Conference Organizer:
    • X Racks & Base Fabric Canvases (60cm×160cm)
    • Adhesive Tapes or Clamps
2. Materials Prepared by the Presenters:
    • Home-made Poster(s)
3. Requirement for the Posters:
    • Material: not limited, can be posted on the canvases
    • Size: smaller than 60cm*160cm

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